Hello. My name is Mitchell. Mitchell Adam Curtis. I'm a first year at Himitsu High, and very interested in singing and acting. I'm pansexual and single, ready to mingle! ;D -laughs- Just kidding!

28th April 2012

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Ansel smiled as he hugged back, his shirtless torso showing off his newest tattoo. “Sup?”

Mitchell pulled away and grinned at his old friend. “Ahhhh, same old, same old. Sister’s still a slut.” He laughed softly.

“maybe I have a chance with her then!” he said as he laughed and wrapped his arm around him. “Let’s go out, right now. Wait lemme change.” he trot into his room for a minute, exiting in a plaid button up and skinny jeans.

Mitchell laughed. “No way, I don’t want you catching any diseases, bro.” He smiled bright and hugged the other.

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    "So where do you want to go?" he asked, sliding an arm casually around his shoulder. "Mmmm… We could catch a flick, go...